Caritàzza Coffee Club

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At Caffè Caritàzza, we believe in serving premium products coupled with stellar customer service.

We cater to our constituents, putting them first.

And we think getting your cup o’ joe should be virtually effortless.

Welcome to the Caritàzza Coffee Club.
One small monthly fee. Lotsa coffee. Some good for the neighborhood.

Caffè Caritàzza by Convivio is a nonprofit coffee bar in San Diego’s Little Italy. Your support and membership helps to fund our arts, culture, and education programs in the community! Proceeds from your membership also benefit unsheltered and at-risk youth at Washington Elementary in Little Italy, our partner in the neighborhood.

Premium-quality items. Top-notch customer service. And an unrelenting focus on community.

Pay a small monthly membership fee and get your fill of our fine espresso drinks or premium drip-brewed coffee. Spend less and get a whole lot more!


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