Eppur si muove. (And yet it moves.)

Providing Leadership Through Community Collaboration

Convivio gratefully acknowledges its governing board of directors, advisory board members, staff members, volunteers, and supporters—enthusiastically thanking these community leaders for their commitment, passion, and vision.

Jim Bregante (in memoriam)
Marianna Brunetto
Annie Burchard
Cameron Celeste
Anthony Contasti
Melanie Dellas
Chris Forte
Susan Guillory
Joanne Kipling
Rich Kipling
Christopher Paluso
Coreen Petti
Kevin Petti
Dominique Valentino
Monica Valentino
Kelly Walker
Phil Arcidiacono・Caffè Arcidiacono
Sacha Boutros・Hear Me Roar Entertainment
Frank Lieggi・Domani Investments
Ann Navarra・Jerome's Furniture
Lou Palestini・Little Italy Association
Kevin Petti, PhD・Anatomia Italiana
Joseph Raffa, EdD・LifePoint Institute

board of directors

staff and consultants

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