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Convivio Scholars

If education is protection to life, you will realize that it is necessary that education accompany life during its whole course.
—Maria Montessori

Scholarships and Mentorships

Convivio is dedicated to providing educational, enlightening, and enriching programs and events for the Italian and broader cultural community of San Diego. Insofar as education, Convivio recognizes the importance of engaging minds, fostering lifelong learning, and nurturing leadership. To that end, the Convivio Scholars Program strives to support college students by providing them with a financial scholarship as well as a mentorship opportunity. Our aim is to help students along their chosen paths and to better connect them with their respective communities as scholars and leaders.

dante in exile

Program Overview

The Convivio Scholars Program awards recipients within the following disciplines:


Overview of the Scholarship Component

Current local (San Diego County) college students are eligible to apply based on their need. Students will submit an essay or multimedia presentation on the Italian influence on American society and culture. In addition, students applying for the program will be invited for a short interview with our educational panel.

Overview of the Mentorship Component

Complementing the scholarships, the mentorship component will provide recipients with the opportunity to be mentored by a professional in their chosen field of study for three months. Recipients will be invited to submit a summary update (in a reflection paper) that describes their learning throughout the period of their mentorship.

Along with helping recipients alleviate a bit of their financial burden, our other aims of the Convivio Scholarship and Mentorship Program are to help recipients with the following:

  • Provide ongoing support through mentorship with a professional in their field
  • Encourage reflection on their leadership process and their roles
  • Foster a desire for lifelong learning and a focus on community building

Submission Guidelines Coming Soon!